1.6” Scale westinghouse cross compound air compressor

raw castings available Fall 2019

Eccentric Engineer is pleased to announce the acquisition of the tooling for the Westinghouse XCompound air compressor, originally developed by Ed Yungling.

Kits will be available in the spring. Current estimated price is $750, which will include the following:

- Steam Head Casting
- Steam Head Cap Casting
- Steam Cylinder Casting
- Center Casting
- Air Cylinder Casting
- Bottom Head Casting
- #3-48 Nuts & Bolts (required amount plus extras)
- Drawings for machining and assembly

Looking to the future, complete assembled dummy pumps will be available for an estimated price of $1,200. I will also be developing a working pump. No time or price estimates are available at this time for a finished working pump. 

Let us know if you are interested in the form at the bottom of this page!

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Estimated price for:

  • Casting Kit - $800

  • Assembled Dummy - $1,350

  • Working Pump - TBD (At this time there is no guarantee that these will be offered working)

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