Large Injector


When the Standard Injector doesn’t quite cut it, and a 3/8” penberthy is just too big, Eccentric Engineer’s ‘Large Injector’ will hit that sweet spot. Injectors can be ordered with either 1/4” NPT connections or 3/8” tubing solder connections.

As always, these injectors will lift and automatically restart, and for the first time EE will offer two different delivery rates in the same body. 8 pints/min (128oz) or 6.5 pints/min (104oz). The 8 pint nozzles are a perfect half-way point between the Standard Injector and a 3/8” Penberthy, and the 6.5 pint nozzles are perfect for larger hobby boilers, like RMI’s 3.75” scale locomotives or the 2.5” scale C-21’s.

Operating Range: 8 pint 50-200psi+
6.5 pint: 40-150psi+

Delivery Rate: 8 or 6.5 pints per minute

Connections: 1/4” NPT or 3/8” Tubing

Overflow: 1/4” NPT

Max feedwater temp: 120F/50C

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Large injector 1/4 NPT and Solder