2.5" nathan monitor injector

Expected Winter 2019
(updated 10/02/18)

Eccentric Engineer is very proud to announce the first super detailed injector ever produced in 2.5" scale.

The Monitor injector was found on countless narrow gauge locomotives across America, and this 2.5" scale version is uncompromising in detail and performance.

Delivering 6 pints per minute (45 gallons per hour), this injector is capable of meeting the demands of the larger boilers found on narrow gauge locomotives. The extra capacity compared to the Standard Injector (or SuperScale/Ohlenkamp) is pleasantly noticeable.

The injector is capable of lifting on its own, however it features an operational priming valve. This will lift water into the injector body without opening the main steam valve to the cones, which means if the injector is overheated or gunked with scale, you can still reliably prime the injector for operation.

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- Eccentric Engineer


Working prototype - production bodies will be lost wax castings. NOT 3D printed!

Handle and bonnet detail on the prototype Monitor No. 9

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