Safety valves in 1" and 3/4” scale

Expected late 2019
Updated 10/2/2018

Now under development is a much needed item for small scalers worldwide. Safety valves!

Standing at just over 1" tall (not including the boiler fitting adapter), they will be a very welcome addition to any small scale locomotive. They look quite fitting on 3/4" as well!

These will be set to 100psi and 105psi. Other pressures up to 130psi will be available by request. Boiler adapters will be available in 1/16" NPT and 1/8" NPT. Again, other sizes can be made on request to fit your boiler.

Let us know in the form below if you are interested, as well as how many, what boiler fitting you need, and what PSI you would prefer. This will help to inform what quantities to make when it comes time for production.

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