Eccentric Engineer Retrofit for Penberthy Injectors


Penberthy injectors can be bullet-proof and endlessly reliable, and sometimes they just plain don’t work. Many have been in service for decades and are beyond worn out. If you have a Penberthy that’s in need of TLC, Eccentric Engineer can help!

Using EE’s nozzle design in the Penberthy body, we guarantee you’ll once again have a reliable injector.

This truly is a retrofit and not a spare parts service. The cones are not individually swapable with Penberthy’s.

Ee improvements

Our retrofit nozzles are made from solid 954 Aluminum Bronze, which is a very hard marine grade bronze. They will certainly outlast the original nozzles.

We machine a hexagonal boss into the combining cone, making it easily removable with a socket. This eliminates the need for a special tool.

Penberthy’s cap has a thin wall of metal that shrouds the bottom of the delivery cone, and is designed to be crushed to force the delivery cone against the mating surface inside the body. After the first tightening, the cap is effectively destroyed.

EE has designed a new cap that uses an O-ring which compresses firmly against the delivery cone. If it ever wears or fails, it’s a simple off-the-shelf item, and no components are compromised.

What to do

No two Penberthy’s are exactly the same, so to make this retrofit possible, we do unfortunately need your injector body in-hand to make sure everything will fit properly.

If you are interested in having a Penberthy rebuilt, please fill out the form below to receive a quote. If you would like to proceed, send your injector bodies to EE and we will get them back to you in 2-3 weeks.

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