January 28, 2019

Nathan 1921 Starter Valves

After far too long, the starter valves are almost complete. Again, they are sold out, but I am making more waxes for another run later this year.

Nathan 1918A in 1.6” and Nathan Monitor in 2.5”

These injectors are next on the chopping block! Test waxes are being sent out to a new foundry.

1.6” Westinghouse Cross Compound Air Compressors

I'm very pleased to announce that Eccentric Engineer has taken ownership of the tooling for Ed Yungling's 1.6" Westinghouse Cross Compound air compressors.

I truly believe these are the finest compressors ever modeled for our hobby. They are extremely faithful to the prototype, and the molds were very masterfully made. I'm honored to have the opportunity to make them available to our hobby.

If all goes well at the foundry with these few test waxes, you can expect to see castings for sale in a few months.

October 2, 2018

Small Scale Safety Valves

Eccentric Engineer has recently announced safety valves in 1” and 3/4”

Click here for more information!

Future Injector Lineup

The long term goal of EE is to provide a comprehensive line of injectors that satisfy the needs of a wide range of hobbyists. Over the next year, we’ll be working hard to bring a total of four different capacities to market. The CAD generated picture below shows from left to right:

Large Injector
Standard Injector
Intermediate Injector
Small Scales Injector

Please click the links above for more information about a particular injector.

July 17, 2018

Nathan 1921 Starter Valves in 1.6"

The starter valves are well underway! They are currently all spoken for, but another batch will come shortly alongside the Nathan 1918A non-lifting injectors.

There are still a lot of parts to make and some testing to do, but please enjoy these photographs of the completed valves! They were most commonly used with flanged pipe connections, but a limit number with spanner nuts will be offered.

Let me know if you are interested in a starter valve, and I will start a list for the next batch of valves.



March 3, 2018

Small Scale Injectors

The Small Scale Injectors are getting very close to completion. There have been a number of delays since my original date, but they will undoubtedly be completed this month. The final count for this first batch is 210 injectors, many of which are not yet spoken for. Spare parts will be available for sale as well.

Small Scale Live Steam Injector

Standard Injectors

Standard Injectors will be back in stock shortly after the Small Scale Injectors are completed. Target delivery date is end of March.

1921 Nathan Starter Valve

The starter valves will resume production after Standard Injectors are back in stock, and will be available in April.

Injectors, valves, and fittings - August, 17 2017


Fittings are IN STOCK! Click here to view and order.

Standard Injectors

Unfortunately, porosity in the body castings has affected the entire second batch of injectors, and so delivery is delayed. New bodies are underway and injectors will be available before the end of August.

The new bodies incorporate the boiler delivery into the body which eliminates the elbow from the design. This will make in-service maintenance much easier. A small run of injectors with the elbow will still be offered since the adjustable delivery angle can be essential in certain circumstances.

Nathan 1921 Starter Valves

Castings are here, and they look great! Machining on these will begin once injectors are finished. Many of the parts to be made from bar stock are already finished. Click the image below for more information!

Nathan Monitor in 2.5" Scale - May 14, 2017

Components for these highly detailed injectors will be cast very soon. Still anticipating delivery of these injectors before the end of the year.

Reducing Elbow Fittings

I have decided to add reducing elbows to my line of fittings. These will be supplied in 5/16" to 1/4", and 1/4" to 3/16"

Injectors, valves, and fittings - May 12, 2017

Standard Injectors

First batch of standard injectors is out the door! Thank you to all who ordered. Castings for the second batch will arrive tomorrow and have a target delivery date of 6-8 weeks.

Nathan 1921 Starter Valve

Wax patterns are done and headed to the foundry shortly!


Nathan 1918A Injector

Production on these injectors is not too far off. A prototype 1918A has been built and will be at the LALS Spring Meet for viewing!


Pipe Fittings

3/16", 1/4" and 5/16" waxes are in production and will be ready to ship to the foundry in the next week.


Standard Injector update - April 20, 2017

Standard injectors are now shipping! If you expressed interest in an injector early on, I will be in contact with you to arrange payment and shipping.

Castings for the second batch should arrive any day, and machined components are already in production. Thank you everyone for your support!

-Eccentric Engineer

Standard Injector update - march 5, 2017

The first batch of Standard Injector is in production, however it is ALREADY spoken for! Castings for the second batch have already been ordered and completition is anticipated mid-year.

Make sure to get your name in on the list for next batch! Send your contact information and how many injectors you need. No deposit required.