1.6" Nathan 1921 Balanced lever starting valve

Expected October 2018
Updated 10/02/2018


The Nathan 1921 injector starting valve was often used with the 1918A injector. It could be installed up in the cab within reach of the fireman, in front of the cab with an extension, or it could be mounted directly on top of the 1918A injector using the flange connections.

This starter valve is modeled meticulously after the prototype using original drawings and photographs.

Designed for use with 5/16" tubing, it can suitably operate the 1918A or Standard Injectors offered by Eccentric Enginer, as well as former offerings from SuperScale and Ohlenkamp.

This starter valve is equipped with a "priming" position, which means the first .2" of travel on the handle merely cracks the valve open. This provides enough steam for the vacuum of the steam cone to draw water through the injector body without actually starting the injector. Even with the priming function, it can still be used as a quick-start valve by quickly opening the handle all the way.

- Eccentric Engineer


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