1.6" scale nathan 1918a injector

Expected APRIL 2020
Updated 6/25/2019


The Nathan 1918A Non-Lifting Injector was found on a wide variety of locomtoives, from little 0-6-0 switchers to heavy 4-6-2 locomotives, these were more than capable of doing the job.

In 1.6" scale, the 1918A injector will more than live up to its prototype's reputation. Although designated as a "non-lifting injector," the cones are the same as Eccentric Engineer's proven Standard Injector, so priming via gravity feed and slow starting with a needle valve are entirely unnecessary.  Just open your steam valve and let the injector do the rest!

At this point we would greatly appreciate expressions of interest. This will help to gauge how many to make when they go into production. Deposits are not requested.

Please provide contact information as well as how many injectors you would be interested in.

- Eccentric Engineer

Nathan 1918A steam injector

Nathan 1918A Live Steam injector shown with the Nathan 1921 starter valve installed directly to the injector.

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